Chef Steve Murphy

Chef Steve Murphy owns and operates Three Peaks Catering based in Driggs, Idaho. His team serves the surrounding areas including Jackson Hole, Wyoming and is willing to travel. He is a graduate of Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Although originally a resident of Berlin, NH he has now been a resident of Victor since 2010 and a chef in Jackson for years. His specialty is elegant western comfort cuisine with a focus on unique cuts of buffalo, elk, boar, trout and wild game. He enjoys preparing rich sauces and unique western spices.


Chef Lauren Gankofskie

Originally from Manchester Connecticut, Chef Lauren has lived in Teton Valley, Idaho since early 2014. She is a mother of six that knows how to cook for a large crowd. Her children range in age from 38 to 10. Her culinary experience has been in catering for five years. Her style is best described as home-style with plenty of northeastern influence. She loves to prepare grilled vegetable dishes and has plenty of experience with good old meat and potato menus. She is highly recommended for groups with children of all ages and down home western cuisine.


Chef Sue Lincoln

Chef Sue has cooked professionally for over twenty years, honing her skills in restaurant and catering kitchens in New England, the American West and aboard yachts in Caribbean waters. Good food, prepared carefully, presented beautifully, and with an eye to custom service is always her goal. She loves grilling meats and fish outside, over wood or charcoal preferably. Creative grain and vegetable based salads, zippy salsas and dressings, and freshly baked pies and tarts round out her repertoire. She has cooked for women’s bicycle tours, fly fishing camps and horseback expeditions. Being able to adapt to what is available, and feed her clients with flair is her trademark. Every event is special to the hosts and their guests, and Sue makes it her mission to exceed their expectations.


Chef Brent Baldwin

Chef Brent Baldwin is originally from Cedar City, Utah, and has been living in Teton Valley for 5 years now. Brent’s palette was developed in his grandmother’s kitchen where he took an interest in helping her prepare meals for the family. Brent also gains knowledge and insight from his brother Brian who is an executive chef with Caesars entertainment in Vegas. He is mostly self taught, but has worked in restaurants including Tres Hombres, and Carver’s Steakhouse which specialized in surf and turf offerings. Brent has in-depth knowledge of wine pairings and takes pride in keeping flavors clean and bright. In his own words “The star of any dish should be the first thing you taste, but the addition of fresh herbs and spices will enhance that flavor.”


Chef Jason Hale

Jason has lived and worked in a variety of places that help to foster his love of small mountain towns. He got a crash course in culinary, by working in Sonoma County under top chef contestants, Jonathan Waxman and Michael Chiarello. He is an industry veteran since 2001. Jason has spent time working in Yosemite National Park, Denali and Teton National Parks and most recently, Priest Lake, Idaho. Jason prides his work on fresh local ingredients, a keen awareness of sustainability, attention to detail, and is well versed in a variety of cuisines, while leaning heavily into Northwest Pacific/Rim dishes. Jason strives to serve every meal as a unique experience.


Chef Darren Hernandez

Darren is a down to earth chef who believes that the combination of fresh, quality ingredients and good technique is the best approach to food. His passion for cooking lead him to work at a family-owned Mexican grill when he was seventeen and has been working in the industry ever since. His experience ranges from high-end fine dining to serving tacos out of a food truck. Darren specializes in simple homestyle cooking but will often pull Latin and Asian flavors into his flavor profile. He first moved from Northern California where he grew up to the Teton Valley to pursue his love for the outdoors in 2017 and has worked and played in the valley ever since. Always interested in learning more about the culinary world; being clean and professional is his trademark, serving delicious food is his passion.